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5 Hour Energy Strongman (Commercial) - Lucky Airlines

Dangerous Trades (Reality) - A&E

Born This Way (Reality) - A&E 

Dinky Nation (Reality) - Gurney productions 

Marriage Boot Camp (Reality) - WEtv

Ghost In The Hood (Reality) - WEtv


Cameron Dallas Project (Documentry) - Netflix


Heaven Sent (Live Tv show) - Fox


Think It Up ( Live Tv show) - Outlaw Labratories 5 Network roadblock


BrewDogs (TV Show) - RedTail Media - Drink Tv


You Can Do Better (TV Show ) - Redtail Media - TRUtv 

Stratolaunch Test Flight (Commercial)  -Kissd Productions

Hotwheels Comercial - FullScreen

Critical Roll

Norm McDonald Live (Video podcast) - JASH/VPN


Japanese Olympics 2016 bid (Commercial) - Clip pictures


Virgin America safety video (In-flight safety video) - Virgin Produced 

West Hollywood Book fair(Commercial) - Butcherbird Productions


No Litter PSA(commercial)(2010) - Third Point Productions


Kenny Johnson - White Bolt Instructional (DVD) - Six Digits Productions

Eddie Bravo - The Twister (DVD)(2011) - Six Digits Productions


Reclaim Skin care (Infomercial)(2011) - Clip Pictures Productions

Shine Fights - (Live PPV event, commercial)

Smoke Serpent - Love of the game (Music Video) - Six Digits Productions

One of us must know (Feature Film)(2011)


Corridor Digital "Sync", Mike Diva Presents, TurboTime (YouTube Webseries)


Intel Ultra-book (commercial) - Clip Pictures 


I Heart Jenny (Reality TV)  


Departure Date (film) - Virgin Produced 

Jash (Premium New media)Tim and Eric, Sarah Silverman, Michael Sarah,
-HaChaCha Productions


Epic Meal Time (premium YouTube)(2012) 


Sync BTS (Live Web Cast) - Bammo


Plaor Celebrity Poker Game (Long form Commercial) 


Muck (Feature film) - With an O Productions


The Collective (TV series) - VEVO


De Leon (Commercial) - Virgin Produced


Nike Tennis (Commercial) - Nike


Love is All You Need (Feature Film)


Surviving Evil (TV) - ID Investigation Discovery


Spelling Bee (Web Series) - Game Show Network


SNICK, Mack and Beef  (TV Series) - Nickeloden


Arnold Schwarzenegger tank smash/ Starwars - OMAZE


Tony Hawk Pro Skater BTS (BTS content) - Activision 


Evolve release E3 (New Media) - 2K 


Camp Google (Educational)  - Alldayeveryday


Skrillix Android Satellite launch (Commercial) - Alldayeveryday


West Hollywood historical archive - Street art installation


Bad Night (Feature film) - GRB entertainment


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